Heart of the Hurricane

History, Romance, Gay & Lesbian

By May Woodworth

Publisher : BigWorldNetwork.com

ABOUT May Woodworth

May Woodworth
May's books explore women's self esteem, parenting struggles,personal growth, empowerment. and Mother Nature.After years in social services and early childhood education, she has now carved out time to explore her new passion: writing.   



[Contemporary Romance [F/M], Historical LGBT [F/F], Drama, Humor,Paranormal, Canada History, Nova Scotia]

Ghosts, suicide, forbidden love...What happened after the August Gales? Was it all in Eliza's muddled mind, or was there more than meets the eye in Palmers Landing, Nova ScotiaPast and present collide as three generations of the Neely Family secrets are revealed when Niki Neely opens a box of Nana Eliza's diaries. Lives were dramatically changed when the August Gales ripped through Nova Scotia and The Canadian Maritimes in the 1920's, the Neely Family was no exception. Follow Eliza and Joanna as their intimate friendship blossoms into  love, a love that holds their family together through the many ups and downs of life. Forbidden love, death, ghosts, and secrets lurk in every corner of their small cottage in Palmer's Landing, Nova Scotia. Secrets that their granddaughter Niki reveals. Is their family cursed? Find out in the full 12 episode audiobook series, with a special 4 episode bonus season. In paperback, audio-book, ebook July 2014

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Narrated by Tawn Krakowski


Murder, Suicide, Ghosts, Forbidden Love...What happened in Palmer's Landing, Nova Scotia after the August Gales? Was in all in Eliza's muddled mind, or did her husband John's ghosts really live (unlive) in their cottage? When Niki discovers a trunk full of diaries. Apparently her grandmother Eliza & Great Aunt Joanna buried quite a few skeletons in their closets, not to mention the ghost that lived with them: Niki's Grandpa John. Fall back to the early 1920's when the August Gales (hurricanes) devastated the fleets and coastlines of the Canadian Maritimes. Families lost their men, leaving the women to raise their families. Eliza & Joanna formed a deep friendship, and made decisions that would affect future generations of the Neely Clan. Did John's ghost help them? Or was it all in Eliza's head? Paranormal activity, romance, tragedy, hope, and the struggles of life.

Amanda Meuwissen's review 
Jun 30, 14
5 of 5 starThis book was particularly fun for me for the location, which isn't one I'm familiar with and therefore was fun to explore, and for the unique back and forth between the time, trials, and budding F/M romance for the character Niki; and the past time, trials, and F/F romance for her grandmother and great aunt. It's funny how it never read as taboo to me, Eliza falling in love with her sister-in-law after her husband passed away, and the two of them living together, raising their boys. It just seemed fitting and right, and you could tell that Niki, somewhat in place as us, the readers, felt the same as she devoured her grandmother's diary. It spurred Niki to accept her own romance, and helped push her toward moving on from her divorce. There's a cohesion here that really works, past and present, accepting yourself and who you love, and it got me teary-eyed several times. I adored this, and look forward to more from Woodworth in the future!