"Lucky" Dog: Life with a Wild, Lovable Labrador

ABOUT Trish Thorpe

Trish Thorpe
I was born and "raised" in Los Angeles, California, graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in English, and worked in Silicon Valley IT communications. I now live and write in Santa Cruz, California. "Fisheye" is my nickname.  I started a publishing imprint called  More...



A funny, loving, true story about a hyperactive puppy who never grew up.

If you’ve ever read the book or seen the movie Marley & Me, you have an accurate visual of the "Lucky" dog described in this story. Lucky's triple-espresso exuberance, enormous size, and lust for life are just like Marley's, but the difference here is that instead of a two-parent household, Lucky's family consists of one parent and one eight-year-old boy. The descriptions of a single Mom trying to cope with Lucky's daily misadventures along with the
never-ending challenges of single parenting are laugh-out-loud funny.

Not to be overlooked, however, is Lucky's heart of gold. In addition to comic scenes of his full-throttle joyfulness and unexpected mishaps, you'll find examples throughout of Lucky's sensitive side and human-like compassion. Only once in a lifetime do we get to meet a dog with this kind of hyper joie-de-vivre and sweet disposition all rolled into one.

This heartwarming tribute is a treat for all animal lovers.