ABOUT Joan Frances Turner

Joan Frances Turner
Joan Frances Turner was born in Rhode Island and grew up in the Calumet Region of northwest Indiana. Dust, a story of the undead as told from their own point of view and the first in her “Resurgam Trilogy,” was published in September 2010; Frail, a sequel from the all-important h More...



The concluding book in The Resurgam Trilogy by Joan Frances Turner.

The post-apocalyptic world of Grave is in trouble: after observing years of in-fighting between humans and zombies, Death himself has had enough and resolves to destroy the planet altogether. Humans and nonhumans alike must band together to save their world from Death, who promises to undo the havoc in the world—for a price.

In book one of The Resurgam Trilogy, Dust (Ace, September 2010), the world is tenuously shared by man and zombie until an artificial plague rids the world of zombies but kills most of the human population as well. Survivors riddled with mutations caused by the plague (called ‘exes’) terrorize the world in book two, Frail (Ace, October 2011), where we meet one of the last surviving humans as she discovers the secrets of the laboratory where the plague originated. Grave is the culmination of this epic tale—the characters must set their differences aside for the survival of their world; Grave promises to end with a bang.