The Callous Catcher (The Gifted)

ABOUT Ebony Easter

Ebony Easter
I'm soon to graduate high school and then I'm going to college for Journalism. I want to write novels on the side. I like to write fantasy, crime, horror, teen fiction, and action. That's also what I like to read. It'd be nice to move to New York, but who knows if that's going to happen.



My name is Mariam Wilson. I’m sixteen and a junior. My family is rich and we basically live in a mansion. Life is great. Life is simple. Life is what I want it to be.

Then my baby sister is murdered on the street. I almost die with her.  I’m questioned by agents, and reporters, and doctors. I’m given drugs and a very annoying therapist. And three months later I realize a gift I possess. An ability that my sister handed over to me seconds before she passed. The ability to create anything that comes to mind right in the palm of my hand.

My name is Mariam Wilson. I am a constitutor.  Out there is a man exterminating my kind. I will not let him exterminate my kind. I will train. I will fight. And if it comes down to it, I will kill him before he kills me. I will kill him for killing my sister, for trying to killing me, and for hurting my family. I will kill him because my kind are going to stay and live.

And that’s a promise.