Just Beneath the Surface II: Landon's Story

General Fiction

By R.H. Ramsey

Publisher : Inknbeans Press

ABOUT R.H. Ramsey

R.H. Ramsey


With a heartbreaking history of family abuse, neglect, denial and death, Landon Adams' most prized possession is control. Well-to-do, gallant, and beautiful, on the surface, Landon is like a portrait of perfection. A cryptic portrait, where something sinister lies in waiting. When Seven Dickinson, a wayward beauty with a hot head and sharp tongue, captures his heart, she is instantly under Landon's spell. 
Almost like a wounded bird, Landon rescues her, takes her in, and saves her from, well, herself. As she starts to spread her wings, Seven challenges Landon's ideals of perfection, bringing about a darkness neither of them are prepared to battle, and only one of them will walk away untarnished. But with Landon, be careful - you don't know you've been broken until you've already been swept away. 
"... Landon kissed the back of her neck and tightened the cord, again. 'No, not you, brown eyes. Never. I'd never kill, again.'"