Unplug & Play! 50 Games That Don't Need Charging!

Unplug & Play! 50 Games That Don't Need Charging!

ABOUT Brad Berger

Brad Berger
Brad Berger grew up in Great Neck, New York, but currently resides a few towns away in Roslyn, where he works as president and publisher of a 130-year-old, family-owned publishing business. He attended the University of Colorado where he earned a degree in French, Italian and German an More...



Unplug & Play! 50 Games That Don't Need Charging! is author Brad Berger's first book set to launch in January 2014. 

When technology invaded the 21st century the world quickly went silent. People who once spoke to each other turned to electronic devices as their loving companions, and engagement and meaningful communication between each other ceased. The interruption of technology has become an epidemic among youth and adults alike. America’s obsession with connectivity is out of control, until now.  With 50 games that only require a pen and paper, people of all ages can enjoy one another’s company again without the interruption of technology. Armed with only creativity, humor, an ability to communicate, pen and paper and this book, for five minutes or five hours, you will be unplugged.