The Angel with Burnt Wings

ABOUT Scarlett Jensen

Scarlett Jensen
Scarlett Jensen is my pen name. I live in the Western Cape and am a freelance writer. The story of Alice in Prisonland titled The Angel with Burnt Wings is based on true life happenings.Alice was scorched in the black hell of sexual abuse, crime and punishment. She rose and became whole ag More...



"About this story

Nothing could be a more true reflection of shackled lives behind the media’s publicity-seeking headlines that strike a whole country from time to time. Remember the gripping stories of the “downfall of a golden girl, sex web, shackles and shame, gangster’s moll, Bonnie and Clyde – like story, heartache of a fallen girl, the soul of a robber child, burning passion and devotion to a dominant lover and bad kids”!

This is a story of a downfall and victory that each of us should read. It could happen to anyone of us. Parents open your senses and hear the cries of your child in obscurity."