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Author James Hall
As an author, I write novels that speak to a higher consciousness. My stories render visions of life that nourish the imagination and promote the rise of new global perspectives. In addition to challenging the mind, my stories are charged with heart-wrenching emotion where meaty character More...



The murder by mob of a black boy set the wheels of Armageddon in motion. Twenty years later, Thomas "Stony" Jackson finds himself at the center of an apocalyptic whirlwind. He is all that stands between survival of the planet and total annihilation. To reset the doomsday clock, Thomas must uncover the secret of a strange and ancient text that finds its way into his possession. Assembling a motley team and hunted by forces from beyond the grave, he embarks on a perilous journey across time and space. In a race across the African continent to the Sudan, Thomas undergoes a supernatural transformation that fulfills an ancient prophecy and earns him a huge following. Finally reaching the Nile Valley, Thomas must survive an ancient initiation given by an esoteric order. The forces of both good and evil gather for a final confrontation. The preservation of all he holds dear hinges on the outcome.