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Ewa Danuta Białek
I am an immunologist, a specialist in clinical diagnostics, and a long-time researcher at the Academy of Medicine and Postgraduate Medical School in Warsaw, Poland. I completed postgraduate studies in psychology at the Summit University (USA) and a number of professional courses, including More...



A healing dialog with the author's inner child uncovers 40 amazing truths

Authored by Dr. Ewa Danuta Bialeck Ph.D. 
Translated by Claudia Skutela 
Edition: 2

This unique book allows you to understand the meaning of a difficult childhood, and take from it the power of life and creativity, drawing from the wisdom of the small child. Was based on authoress own experience of her inner child and includes over 40 recommendations. 
Very useful for those who have difficulty making choices, have low self-esteem, and above all, finding the right path and being yourself fully.

About the author:
I was inspired to work with an 'inside' child by a book which I read few years ago and which I came across again: 'Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson' by Joan Borysenko. Something drove me to start doing it, namely do each exercise one by one. From the very beginning I had a feeling that I was starting to build or perhaps find inner relations within me which are the origin of every relationship with others. This is how the title of this collection came to life.
As it soon turns out, my dialogues with a child, little Eve, are not just a way of solving her little dilemmas, searching for love and safety by a grown-up Eve, but also answers to my personal adult questions which I ask myself at present. They are pieces of advice (very frequently very wise) from little Eve to the adult one. That is why each part is entitled 'advice'. 
The act of healing the childhood period, unblocking traumas accompanying it releases creativity and spontaneity which were stifled in a little girl and helps to make use of them in life.

What follows are the daily meetings with little Eve.
Almost a theatrical dialogue with the child within, the learning mind. Very intriguing.
A.A., Book Critic, London, UK