ABOUT Sarah Winter

Sarah Winter
My name is Sarah Ginter, and I write under the pen name Sarah Winter because….I like how it sounds. Pretty simple. I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Tim, since we were 19 years old, now over ten years ago. We have two beautiful sons, Evan and Max, and live in western Wyom More...


One choice can change an entire life...

Liam built a successful career as an actor, but has been too busy to slow down and enjoy life. He finally takes a long-awaited holiday to Western Wyoming, where he has been dreaming of going since he was a child in England. He's looking forward to seeing sights he's only read about, but when a freak spring blizzard strikes hours before it was forecasted, Liam is forced to make a choice that could either kill him or save him.

River moved away from friends and the city of Cody to an isolated ranch to heal after suffering another tragic loss in a life marked by grief and pain. She made a good life on the ranch, learning new skills and earning new responsibilities. She even has a boyfriend who loves her, a wrangler who would give her a good life, but there is something missing. When the storm hits, she stays behind alone to work through a life that's not all she had once hoped for.

The storm that brings Liam and River together may also change their lives forever. It all comes down to a choice.