Experimenting With Murder: A Thrilling Sci-fi Adventure

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers

By Charm Baker

Publisher : Charm Baker / CreateSpace Independent Publishing

ABOUT Charm Baker

Charm Baker
Once upon a time, I lived my life doing what most people typically do; I worked a nine-to-five, married, had a child, settled down, and ultimately got divorced.  By that time, I realized I wasn't cut out for words like "normal" and "typical". 

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A small remote island off the coast of New Zealand is the setting for this sci-fi thriller. Charm Baker’s first novel mixes a touch of fantasy, mystery, and even romance! The story focuses on a small group of friends who currently live and work together on a remote island. Billionaire Tyler Payne is head of the pack and the owner of the island. He is also the top scientist at the research facility located there. Tyler and the others spend all their waking hours engrossed in scientific study.

Ashley, Ty, Zak, and Jake are their four children; the only kids allowed on the island. The four grow to be teenagers and form a tight bond with one another. They spend all their vacations together, roaming around, getting to know the jungle.

But this year something happens to disrupt the annual summer vacation. Their parents past and present relationships lead to a series of devastating events. The secrets they’ve been hiding include adultery, murder, and more. How much more? For starters, a secret love child, secret experiments, and believe it or not, MERMAIDS! See what happens when Ashley, Ty, Zak and Jake have their world turned upside down in one fatal day.

In the midst of it all, readers will enjoy watching the budding romance unfold between young lovers, Ashley and Ty. No longer the same naïve kids who grew up together on the island; the pair must confront more than just the challenges of their new feelings for each other. Discover the secrets that are revealed on billionaire Tyler Payne's Island; a place shrouded in mystery.

“Experimenting With Murder” came into existence as a result of an idea I’ve had for years. I can honestly say that the book has been in the making for a long time (in my head anyway). It took the airing of a related television program to prompt me to finally start writing my novel. Mermaids: The New Evidence is the so called, “docufiction” which aired on the Animal Planet in 2013. My novel has followed the example of the Animal Planet’s program by injecting a little bit of fact with fantasy. The references you find about the incident in New Zealand’s Farewell Spit actually occurred several years ago; a time when another massive whale beaching occurred. Among other things, my hope is that Experimenting With Murder will serve to create dialogue around these tragic beachings.

As a newly published novelist, I welcome praise as well as reviews, however, I have none to showcase at this time.  FEEL FREE TO BE THE FIRST!