Sins of the Fathers

ABOUT Jameela Roshanara

Jameela Roshanara
Jameela Roshanara lives with her husband in New Jersey, Florida, and the Caribbean. They have four children and nine grandchildren. When she’s not writing, she either experiments in her kitchen or reads her favorite authors. - See more at: More...


A retired detective is found murdered, and it quickly becomes apparent the murderer is the same man that killed his wife and two children, a professional. From murder to a biological attack on an up-scale mall the terrorist assassins move on to the CDC and Lt. Sam Patterson’s team takes some heavy hits. As the case widens, her team expands to an international collection of reinforcements from the CIA, Interpol, Homeland Security, SAS, FBI, and the USAMRIID as they search not only for the assassins but also for their masters—an international conglomerate calling themselves the Sentinels, dating back to WWII. - See more at: