Sex on the Altar (The Adventures of Sam and Emily) (Volume 1)

Science Fiction & Fantasy, General Fiction

By Wencke Braathen

Publisher : Grave Distractions Publications

ABOUT Wencke Braathen

Wencke Braathen
All my work describes the interaction between the seen and the unseen worlds. In the paradigm shift we are living through we need to learn how to work with our intentions and emotions to change the physical world, and to know that we have masters, guides and spirits who are eager to help. More...


A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups... Built on satire and a robust prose, Sex On The Altar by Wencke Braathen is the first volume in the Adventures of Sam and Emily series, a debut that sings a sultry tale of power, faith, and mystery. The story blurs the line between the seen and unseen worlds as God and mythological deities interact with humans in a commentary about modern life. The Queen of Heaven has been sucked into the center of the earth due to man’s lack of devotion, and God is beside himself with grief. Something has to be done. God puts his trust in the Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, - she puts hers in a middle-aged woman named Emily. Sparks will fly with the help from the gods, as Emily and her new beau Sam’s lovemaking awakens the Queen from her slumber. But it isn’t until Virgin Mary starts her Dandelion Campaign, and Jesus and Mary Magdalene are on a bus to Nashville, that the fate of mankind changes course. Wencke Braathen was born in Norway and lives in Chicago. She has studied religion and church history for years and presents religious concepts from a new and refreshing angle. Her lively imagination and fantastic imagery combined with her understanding of religious symbolism creates a delightful flight exploring how the gods interact with people.