In the Murmuring Trees


By R. Tirrell

Publisher : Xlibris

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R. Tirrell
student at snhu for creative writing, poet and hotel employee... a sort of renaissance man. I am an avid reader and lover of good writing.


In The Murmuring Trees delves into nature, mythology and fantasy through evocative prose and poetry, taking readers to a time and place where myths were real and legends walked amongst men. It retells classic stories of gods and monsters, and man's place within nature's grandeur, capturing the essence of these timeless tales while instilling in them a modern twist unique to R. Tirrell Leonard Jr.

It is inspired by my general area just North of Boston Massachusetts. Woburn, Revere, Boston, Salem, and Medford all inspire me in many ways.

A poem like "Thistle Rush" demonstrates what's most heartily at work in this collection.  The couplet stanza pattern really paces out the beauty here, & while the poem is one of physical love, we're given a glimpse of the spiritual.

                      --Judge, writers digest 21st anual self published book awards


In the Murmuring Trees

R. Tirrell Leonard Jr.
Xlibris, 121 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781479730902
(Reviewed: February, 2013)

Drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as Robert Frost, Charles Dickens, William Faulkner, Edgar Allen Poe, and the New England Transcendentalists, R. Tirrell Leonard Jr.'s poetry collection, In The Murmuring Trees, combines an admirable ambition of poetic style with a deep sympathy and appreciation for the fields, rivers and woodlands of his native Massachusetts.

The book begins with a fine poem, “A Circle of Friends,” that evokes both people and place: the poet finds himself thinking “Of grass-grown rivers / Concord, Asabeth and Sudbury...” near ”that sleepy hollow / Where Sandborn, Thoreau, Channing, / Emerson, the Alcott's and Hawthorne lay / Dreaming like a circle of friends.” He imagines these 19th century New England writers and religious leaders “Walking sticks in hand / Talking as they saunter together / Laughter floating through the branches…” The small details here and the choice of words “walking sticks” and “saunter” shape the reader's appreciation of the scene and mood with their light touch and warm nostalgia.

In some of the poems, there is a sense, as well, of an older style, ornate and stately—a touch of John Greenleaf Whittier or James Russell Lowell. Pushed too far, though, the style becomes over-done: “For children born of Cain, the earth has fed / Of Abel's blood in ghosts of those undead... And freed ancient demons to feast on souls.” There’s a tendency for the poet to slip into a Gothic mode of “swooning mind,” and “knights and trolls” and “my terror bursts in screams.”

The book would be stronger if Leonard would tone down the overwrought, Byronic imagery and concentrate on his clear talent for raising the everyday into a luminous reality. “A fog is sitting with my mind / For coffee dreams or tea will wake / My soul so stirs the lemon rind,” he writes. This is lovely and concise. Poetry fans would look forward to more such “coffee dreams.”

Also available in hardcover and ebook.

Author’s Current Residence
Woburn, Massachusetts

                  Blue ink review,


"A local fellow, who has a pretty fine knack for writing poetry"

                --Jordan Rich Wbz, CBS Radio Boston 


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