The Adventures of Nathaniel B. Oakes

ABOUT David Cools

David Cools
~~Nathaniel is an author, and speaker . He completed a twenty-five year career as an associate Chemist and now enjoys helping people attain optimum health by being a Partner with BemerĀ® Physical Vascular Therapy. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in the Liberal Arts and holds a Masters in  More...



A must read for those who love to laugh out loud. Snuggle up with your loved ones and enjoy the adventures and misadventures of fifteen children growing up on a small farm in the West. Leaps of linguistic license and masterful storytelling unite to engulf you in these humorous tales as told by our young hero, Nathaniel B. Oakes. You will experience the love, the companionship and exhilaration of life as you join Nathaniel as he escapes the barnyard rooster, milks recalcitrant cows and trains reluctant birds. Do not stop until you have canoed, slept outside and bow fished for the fearsome carp with Nathaniel, Jeremy, and the rest of the gang.