Dawn of Rebellion

ABOUT Michelle MacQueen

Michelle MacQueen
When I was a kid, I never dreamt of becoming a writer. Writing was only something you did because your teachers told you to. I had other dreams. I was going to travel the world and be a missionary in Africa. At one point, I wanted to get a job working for an NHL teams. I was all over the p More...



Dawn of Rebellion is the first in a trilogy about two sisters, Dawn and Gabby, trying to find their way and their family in a desperate future. In this first book, they encounter the forces of British occupation and the seeds of rebellion in a land formerly known as America. Trust...Family...Love...Courage...Betrayal When faced with the possibility of losing her sister, Dawn must find the strength to overcome anything that is thrown in her way. With the help of some unlikely friends, she travels to a wild land and faces enormous obstacles at every turn. From barbaric people to the wild animals that roam the land, this adventure is much more than Dawn bargained for...but it's for her sister and she won't let her down.

There are many characters in Dawn of Rebellion but the most important relationship is between two sisters, Dawn and Gabby. They have grown up as orphans on the streets of militaristic London. They couldn't be more different but, in the end, all they have is each other. When Gabby gets herself arrested and sent to a slave camp in the colonies, Dawn immediately jumps to action. I have two sisters that I would do anything for. We have different beliefs and different goals in life, but the bond will always be there. This story showcases that bond as the girls travel through a futuristic world that has been forever changed by global warming. A mix of history, adventure, and love makes this story come alive right there on the page.

"I loved it. Dawn of Rebellion is a great story about two sisters who find themselves caught between warring factions in a believable post-apocolyptic future. You really feel like you get to know and care aout them and the young men who join them on their quest for freedom. The revelation about who their fathers is has me excited for book two- Day of Reckoning!"  --Neil