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Kurt Stradtman



The responsibility of an eons old Coven, protecting The Book of Transcendence, an ethereal book forged in the heavens by the hands of Angel Raziell himself, is placed on the shoulders of five strangers. After a break up between Leo and his longtime partner, Eric, Leo decides to visit his twin sister, Jade, in Jacksonville, a decision that will change their lives forever. After their paths are crossed by a mysterious woman who begins revealing an unseen world that exists within our own, lifts the veil off our faces, revealing that nothing is ever as it seems. Thread by thread she begins to reveal how these five strangers are actually not strangers at all, and are more interconnected than they would have ever suspected. The Coven will have to jeopardize their own lives in order to prevent the sacred book from falling into the hands of the Dark Brotherhood, a decision that they are free to turn down if they choose.. The coven must first learn to battle their own inner demons before learning that love and family can be the strongest defense against the darkness.