The Compliment Quotient: Boost Your Spirits, Spark Your Relationships and Uplift the World

ABOUT Monica Strobel

Monica Strobel


How do you maintain a joyful outlook when your busy life is often mired in frustration and resentments? Have you fallen into a habit of criticizing and miss the spark of romance with your spouse or desire a more positive connection with your children? And how can one person make a difference in a growing culture of callousness? The Compliment Quotient details one, simple practice that will transform your relationships and rally your spirits, as author Monica Strobel takes you on a light-hearted journey to understand the life-changing power of giving more and better compliments.

Learn how developing a compliment practice boosts your joy and sustains and enlivens all of your relationships—especially with yourself. In The Compliment Quotient, you’ll discover: why compliments are so powerful for the both the giver and the receiver; what is the difference between compliments and empty flattery or brown-nosing; ways to craft the most meaningful compliments; how compliments embody essential spiritual qualities; how to accept compliments graciously; and more.

Want an attitude and approach that yields a greater sense of well-being and joy in day-to-day doings? Deeper connections with loved ones and a rekindled romantic relationship? More ease and success in social situations and in life? Follow Monica Strobel’s Complimentology tips and exercises to raise your compliment quotient and be the loving presence you desire in the world.