ABOUT Shane Moroz

Shane Moroz
I'm a married father of three, have seen and done many things in my 13+ years of law enforcement experience.  Prior to that I graduated from UMBC with a bacelor's of arts in Englishh Lit., served in the US Army National Guard.  These experiences and other personal experiences are at the  More...



Joseph could not believe what he was about to ask but given the circumstances it made perfect sense, "What are you, some sort of alien?"
“Nothing of the sort. Am I from this planet? No. I am bound to it though like the Earth is bound to the rest of the galaxy.”

For one Boston man, a carefully planned surprise spirals into a journey that will begin to answer that universal question, why are we here?

Joseph Cooper is a young but learned History teacher at Dartmouth University and a caring family man. All of that is about to change. When an outing at Boston Common is suddenly interrupted by a violent phenomenon he finds himself alone in his supernatural account of the event and his search for the truth consumes him as he unravels what has happened.
Meanwhile, inexplicable and dramatic events also propel his ordinary life into chaos as the forces of good and evil have converged in search of him. Soon, Joseph's eyes are opened to a greater understanding and his life is forever changed.

The Evolutionary is a contemporary tale which takes the human experience beyond the conventions of science, religion, and philosophy to find purpose for the routine aspects of our lives in the discovery of the true nature of reality. Take what you know about the human race and combine scientific fact with the belief there is purpose in everything we do, carefully orchestrated not through miracles but with the guidance of a highly advanced benevolent knowledge and power. This influence of good helped cultivate our growth even before we came to be but there were some who saw our existence as a travesty and this harvested a seething jealousy which spawned evil. What you already know about this eternal struggle is just the beginning.

For Joseph, his purpose is to not only accept a dangerous and great responsibility but to do as the forces of good and evil clash, impacting not only his life but the lives of everyone on Earth and beyond.

The story behind my book is that question which drives everyone. Why are we here? One aspect of my story owes its thanks to an idea that sparked in my head almost 20 years ago. While I won't reveal that here because of the ramifications it would have on my storytelling, I can tell you the concept relates to who we are and has always remained with me. Since then, my own personal experiences in life have culminated either through direction or chance, to help formulate a story and so, two years ago I began to write. I hope you enjoy.