Purple Ink Presents Savage Sisters by Chanel

Purple Ink Presents Savage Sisters by Chanel

ABOUT Chanel Savage

Chanel Savage
Born and raised in North Philadelpia wife, and mother of four. 



“We’re not gangsters, bitch. You are acting crazy.” Shayla said.
“No, bitch we’re not gangsters—we’re fucking Savages, and I
will kill for all of mine.” Shanice said.


Savage Sisters

Meet the Savage Sisters Shayla, Shanice, Shante, and Shakira. After the brutal murder of their father these sisters must learn to defend themselves. Living in the gritty streets of North Philadelphia is not easy. Trying to keep the family together seems so hard especially, when they are all struggling with personal issues of their own. These sisters will lie, cheat, steal, kidnap, and even commit murder to get what they want. When one sister’s trouble involves innocent people in the family. Will the Savage Sisters turn on each other in a time of need, or will they use their savage instincts and protect their family? Get ready to sit on the edge of your seats as you take this roller-coaster ride with the Savage Sisters.