The Compassionate Rebel Revolution: Ordinary People Changing the World

The Compassionate Rebel Revolution: Ordinary People Changing the World

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A compassionate rebel lives in all of us. It combines our ability to care with our capacity to act against the odds for the change we believe in.

In this compassionate rebel sequel, we look at how millions of individual citizen actions have collectively become a massive social change movement that offers every person a chance to make a difference in the world. We feature the inspiring true stories of some 60 of these everyday heroes who have turned adversity into triumph, compassion into commitment and anger into activism, and whose extraordinary acts of caring and courage are transforming society from the bottom-up. Their personal lives and bold accomplishments are constant reminders that the potential to change our culture dwells within everyone, that we are all part of the compassionate rebel revolution.

• Ground Zero Heroes: Courage rising from the rubble of 9/11
• Peaceful Warriors: Fighting for peace at home and abroad
• Freedom Riders: Immigrants on a journey to freedom and civil rights
• Freedom Fighters: Promoting people power around the world
• Community Builders: Local citizens remaking urban and rural America
• Care Givers: Champions of compassion from the Katrina-ravaged streets of New Orleans to the impoverished villages of Africa
• Speak Out Sisters: Female rebels standing up to war, gun violence and domestic abuse
• The Reformers: Taking back democracy in the media, at the ballot box, and in corporate America
• The Future Makers: The next generation of change agents working to stop war, save the planet and make their voices heard for years to come