The Many Mysteries of Kaylee Marie: Treasure

ABOUT Leslie Glover

Leslie Glover
Hello.  My name is Leslie Glover and I am the author of The Many Mysteries of Kaylee Marie.  My main character is a typical teenage girl who has an incredible ability to solve mysteries in her small southern town.  She does all this while living with seizures.  I write my books to be e More...



"A hand was stuck through the middle and started pulling out the only thing hiding Emily and me. If he couldn't hear my breathing, then surely he could hear the pounding of my heart. Please stop! Please stop! The hand kept pulling out clothes. It got closer and closer. I held my breath so the hand couldn't feel the warmth. It was three inches, two inches, and then it grasped the last bunch of coats covering me."

Kaylee Marie Green has just moved into a new house with her family. The only she doesn't love about her new home is that creepy, old, dark house next door. She finds out there is more to the house than she thought, so she and her friend Emily set out to solve the mystery of the Peterson house. Book One: Treasure of The Many Mysteries of Kaylee Maries series is a suspense filled, heartwarming story about a girl who doesn't let her epilepsy stop her from being a normal teenager or from solving any mystery that comes her way. Kaylee shows us how anyone can overcome their obstacles to achieve extraordinary things.