The Great Compost Heap

The Great Compost Heap

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Renaee Smith
Renaee Smith is a culinary artist from Jamaica who currently resides in New Jersey. Her cookbooks are a compilation of recipes that were prepared by Renaee's mother, grandmother and many Jamaican mothers. Renaee hopes you enjoy this trip down memory lane that these cookbooks will provide.  More...



In The Great Compost Heap the student is introduced to the idea of composting and how composting helps to further the idea of the 3 R’s, “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”.

The Great Compost Heap is about a 9 year old boy named Freddie who learns about composting, the benefits of composting and how he is helping to save the earth through reuse. The book is a fascinating story of Freddie’s compost project and the many lessons learned along the way. It can be used in various settings including educational workshops, libraries, Earth Day projects and overall fun reading for all ages. The book shows how Freddie used various common items to create his own compost heap. The methods illustrated in The Great Compost Heap can be replicated at school or home. As the story unfolds, Freddie learns how to start a compost heap, monitor the compost and experience the benefits of the compost. After reading this book, the average elementary student will be able to observe the process of composting and perform simple experiments to test the quality of their compost.