unleash your potential beyond just motivation

Self-Help and Personal Development, Poetry, Christian Books

By Abegunde Sunday

Publisher : Speaking Pen International Concept

ABOUT Abegunde Sunday

Abegunde Sunday
Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa is a highly inspiring motivational writer and speaker with a pleasant sense of expression, yet very objective as he drives home his points clearly. The Nigeria-Born African writer, speaker and poet was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and thus has passed  More...



This is carefully written book to enable you to unveil your full capability. This book does much more than just motivating you - it sets you to productive actions! This attested highly inspiring book would practically induce you to: discover and tap from the pool of potential within you. convert your potential into kinetic benefit to you and to mankind be a motivation to others around you positively. You have a destiny and a purpose to fulfill hence this book is painstakingly written to help you to break off every form of chains and shackles holding down your potential if you will dare to explore and exploit the goodies embedded in this great book. "...Little did I know I was in for a bigger bargain. I got much more value for my money. Besides the fact that it is so inspiring, lines in this book has their way of permanently gluing to memories of readers like I. Even for days after reading, I still feel it effect. It changes view of a lot life issues... Until you get yours, you may not know what you are missing." Dr Joyce M. Knudsen This book is very uplifting and encouraging. It gives you more than just motivation to make changes to your life in order to increase your potential. Though I am fully aware of my own potential, this book was a great read, and will be beneficial to anyone. It's not your typical self-help book but more of an influential book that makes you realize your own greatness and how to achieve your maximum potential. The language and phrases are more to the culture of the author, but even as a US reader, it was clear and concise and definitely created an uplift in this reader's opinion. Amy Shannon Bookshelf Reviews 'Unleash Your Potential' is a book by Abegande Sunday O, dealing with motivation and the path to success, with emphasis on releasing ones full potential... The introduction, which proclaims loudly that success comes only to "those who discover and unleash their potential" amply prepares the reader for a promising discussion, which he begins, by identifying the reasons for experiencing failure in discovering oneself. He lists down eight such pitfalls one may encounter, the list rightly featuring 'fear of failure' as the foremost. Specific references are made to seven more upsetting circumstances one should always be prepared to face...He further dwells at length on the ways ones potential is to be harnessed, what fuels it ... His syllogism "your time is your life therefore, procrastination is subtle form of suicide" is aimed at all of us... Roy T. James

BIOGRAPHY: Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa is a highly inspiring motivational writer and speaker with a pleasant sense of expression, yet very objective as he drives home his points clearly. The Nigeria-Born African writer, speaker and poet was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and thus has passed through ample of challenges yet eventually ignited the unleashing of his potential. He is wholeheartedly compassionate about impacting people from all walks of life. He is the Principal Consultant of Speaking Pen International Concept. Rev. Samson A.I rightly describes Sunday as a distinctive voice to this generation that should be heard and read.

1. FPASU Most Inspiring Writer of The Year (2013)
2. Association of Christian Journalists (ACJ) prestigious writers Award of OUTSTANDING YOUNG ACHIEVER (2014)



“The author practically addressed and suggested efficient and effective solutions to breaking every shackle holding down the potential of man from finding full expression.”

 Rev. Samson Alawode,

District Overseer

Foursquare G.C, Baruwa, Lagos.


"This books draws wisdom from The Bible and what this young man has learned from his mentors. One of my favorite concepts is, it is important to choose a mentor. Your mentor need not be perfect because you can learn from mistakes your mentor made. To me, this is great wisdom."

Brian A. Howland

Civil Servant (Ret)/ Writer




"I am recommending this book for you if you want to start something on your own and if u are thinking of working on your talent, u will need this book. I was almost judging this book by its title 'UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL: Beyond Just Motivation' but reading it opened my eyes to great Potentials inside me. I also discovered how to get better and achieve more result at my work. There are lot of information in this book but d book will do more than just informing u, it will transform your mind. You will learn how to discover your Potentials and put them to work."


Arogundade Tolulope



"This (Unleash Your Potential) is the book which our present generation and even generations to come need. it is full of messages that produce future leaders who are honest, cultured and exemplary."

Omole Oluremi



“I must say sincerely that this is a creative and brilliant piece of writing”

Rev. J.A Adeyemi

Teacher of Pastors


“Abegunde Sunday has really revealed the secrets on how to unleash the hidden potentials in the lives of growing adults that is crying out for expression. Unleash Your Potential is sincerely a must read book. What a great knowledge! I highly recommend it to the general public as a worthwhile publication”

Seun Akinbode

KRCC President, Lagos


You have probably heard or read several speakers and writer about purpose, life's assignment, purpose fulfilment, destiny and lot more...You felt really motivated by these but after a couple of days, nothing seems to change.

That is because motivation is not enough to set your potential unleashed. Unleashing your potential is a task which demands beyond just motivation. A wise question is 'If beyond just motivation, what then?'

Another wise question is 'how do I discover and maximize this much talked about Potential in me?  Answer to these questions and lot more are embedded in this great book. That's why you need this book carefully spice by Abegunde Sunday O.

This is far beyond just talks about talent discovery. Get your copy of this all-encompassing book and experience the joy of fulfilment.