Better Than Okay

ABOUT Jacinta Howard

jacinta howard
Jacinta Howard is a writer and avid music lover who resides in the Atlanta area with her daughter and (future) husband. Currently the entertainment editor at Upscale Magazine, she finds her happy place deep in the pages of a great novel, on the beach listening to good music and hanging wit More...



"Sometimes it’s not whether or not you survive, but HOW you survive. I guess that might be the thing that makes you the person you are... How you survive."

When Miami music writer Destiny Michaels learned that her childhood friend, the always calm and collected Brian Jace was moving from their hometown of Phoenix to Miami, she wanted to do cartwheels across Ocean Drive.

Brian has always been the calm to her frazzled, the cool to her quirky and he’s the only person she knows with a love for music that’s as intense at hers. However, when he arrives she quickly realizes there’s been a major shift in her formally platonic relationship. And no matter how scared she is about taking their relationship beyond friendship, their feelings only intensify.

But just as she begins to believe that real love can exist outside of sappy romantic comedies, the unthinkable happens and Destiny is forced to question everything she thinks she knows about life, and her new feelings for Brian.

She soon discovers that while we don’t have control over some things that happen in life, the power of unconditional love, once accepted, can make life better than OK.