The Battle of Prophets and Wizards: Book 1: The Nostradamus Code and Vampires

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Amir Moazenzadeh

Publisher : Supreme Century

ABOUT Amir Moazenzadeh

Amir Moazenzadeh



A dark wizard clad in black unearths and steals the skulls of Beethoven and Michelangelo from their graves. Blood drips from the sharp fangs of a vampire. A criminal division detective, who is trying to solve the puzzle of a murder, faces the Beethoven code. In the midst of all this, a strong muscular man, who has mysteriously lost his memory and is searching for clues to his past, is linked to all these incidents, accompanied by an alluring beautiful girl, a warrior, who fights the enemies with her sharp swords. They eventually realize that a close link exists between these incidents and 58 missing prophecies of Nostradamus. To solve these enigmas, they must find the 58 missing prophecies of Nostradamus, and in order to do so, they must travel to another world, the entrance to which is a black hole!