Jabari's Dilemmas (Chain Reactions) (Volume 1)

ABOUT C.J. McCullom

C.J. McCullom
C.J. McCullom is an avid reader of books from a variety of genres. She has been journaling for over twenty-five years. McCullom has always had a vivid imagination and been intrigued by telling stories. Over the years she has expressed to family and friends her desire to become a published  More...



Jabari’s Dilemmas, is the first entry in the gripping short story series Chain Reactions. The stories deal with real-life, social and contemporary issues. Fifteen year old Jabari Shemar Harrington is surrounded by constant family drama. This keeps him in emotional turmoil and threatens to destroy his once close-knit family. Jabari's frustrations lead to a chain reaction of events, and setbacks. His parents Antonio and Jasmine Harrington must deal with Jabari's growing pains as well as situations of their own. Carlita Hernandez, Jabari's girlfriend and Trey Cunningham, Jabari's best friend, are the only two people who seem to understand him. Jabari's life spirals out of control. If he doesn't get a grip on things and fast, life as he knows it will never be the same. Will Jabari be able to find peace? Will his relationships with his parents ever be mended? Jabari and his family soon realize that each of their decisions has created a chain reaction that ultimately could devastate their increasingly unstable family life…