Surviving a Life of Sexual Abuse: The April Wood Story

Surviving a Life of Sexual Abuse: The April Wood Story

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Holly Newhouse
I am a single mother of 8 beautiful children (3 in heaven). I love all things historical, paranormal, and supernatural. I am a victim traumatologist, professional photographer and paranormal book author. I love to create new worlds and issues for my characters to go through and overcome. Y More...



Walk down the path with this brave and courageous woman as she helplessly endures forced sexual abuse her whole childhood beginning at the age of three at the hands of several different men her mother has relationships with at different times in her life. Walk with her as she loses a boy who has become her brother when she is shot at the age of 8 by his own father, her mother's boyfriend. Continue on with her as she so cruelly loses her innocence forever and fights to maintain her sanity in a world of hurt and pain. The one person who should have kept her safe from all harm is the one she finds she can never trust. Finally walk with her on her journey as she achieves the status of survivor and victim no more!