Village of the Full Moon Curse

ABOUT Daniel Griffin

Daniel Griffin
Dan Griffin was born in Bangor, Maine in 1963, and was raised on a small dairy farm in Levant, ME until 1981; the year that I graduated from high school. I began working various odd jobs until 1990, when I decided to move to Fairbanks, Alaska in search of adventure, and is now my permanent More...



Village of the Full Moon Curse, a novel about a cursed werewolf embarking on a dangerous quest to save the woman he loves from the hands of an aged powerful vampire. He receives unexpected assistance from two outsiders who help to save the entire village of Circa, Alaska from the hands of evil vampire minions. Village of the Full Moon Curse is exciting vampire/werewolf fiction providing romance for Twighlight fans, suspense and drama for Vampire Diaries readers, shooting action for Van Helsing enthusiasts, and werewolf/ vampire battles for the Underworld movie goers, along with sarcasm and witty humor.