ABOUT Aaron Bunce

Aaron Bunce
…Raised on a robust diet of fiction, Aaron’s writing ambitions span the depths of fantasy, to the heights of science fiction, (with more than a few stops in-between). His sweeping interests add fresh perspective and a unique voice to his writing, with more than a little emphasis on goo More...


The knowledge that his mother died in childbirth haunts Roman, and when his father dies suddenly, he is left with only questions. His simple life of seclusion and survival is shattered when he meets Dennah, a vibrant young caravan guard. When the dark shadow of death settles over Bardstown, Roman and Dennah are haphazardly thrown into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, one played against unsavory men. Julian grew up with wealth and prominence, but when he pledges himself to the illustrious Silver Guard, his life takes a turn north, to the mountain city of Craymore. A violent attack on the city forces Julian to step forward, and face the brutal and almost fatal realities of war. A fateful meeting with Tanea, a gifted young healer, sets him onto a treacherous path, one of both divinity, and damnation. The brisk winds of autumn herald the inevitable turn to winter, but beneath the tranquil landscape, a far more sinister change is brewing. Separated by leagues of wilderness, Roman and Julian are forced to fight for their survival, against a force set in motion by a most unsuspecting young woman, and a beast intent on setting its world back in order. Introducing Within, the first installment in an all-new fantasy series.