Finding One Book One Digital Edition

ABOUT Paul Smit

Paul Smit
Throughout Paul’s life as a direct channel to ONE consciousness, Universal Law and its application, he has accumulated an immense amount of insight about the Soul, its awakening process, the role of emotions and the mind and the act of Creation using infinite intelligence.



“Finding One” is a book about awakening to one’s own truths and when contemplated, WILL present you, the reader, with a NEW PERSPECTIVE regarding your SELF and the WORLD around you. The Truths within this book will MOVE YOU to a new realization of self and will serve as a guide while you reposition yourself to move toward the life experiences you desire. Experiences where you envision your most passionate dreams and make them a reality with ease and the contentment of knowing your most unique self.

This book covers all the topics required to understand JOY, FEAR and HEALTH, those most important fields in which you, the reader, are attempting to make a shift. The book holds your hand while revealing to you and helping you to remember the truths regarding you and your journey. “One” inspires readers in this book to reach for more deliberate intending. This process offers freedom and the wisdom to shift from one perspective to another, allowing each reader the opportunity to step outside of self for a while and see just how self is created. The result of working the steps and processes is the absolute ability to turn pain into wisdom and to begin to make better choices from that newly-found vantage point.

I would like to be frank in informing people that this is not a book to be read in one day. Each page requires contemplation in accordance to one’s own life in order for it to have the effect of changing how you regard your life and how the paths you took brought you to where you now stand. Those who have read parts of this book in the past and have dedicated themselves to introspective contemplation from these writings, have shifted their lives from chaos to clarity, from sickness to health, and from shadows to light.

I applied all these teachings to my own life and have EXPANDED more than I ever imagined possible. It took time and effort to overcome old beliefs and with each new perspective, I became more of an example regarding inner change and the process required. I pass this on to you so that you may benefit from this guidance and know from the beginning that it will alter your life in a magnificent way if that is your true desire. You will cry and you will laugh, but most of all you will FEEL THE TRUTH as Books 1, 2 and 3 are the cornerstone of change within mankind, and YOU are the ones CHANGING ALL THAT IS.

Paul Smit Author and Speaker for ONE