Dark Cherries

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance

By Violet Black

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ABOUT Violet Black

violet black
I am the darkest call of the corner of your mind,   Why not sit a while?   Let me tempt and seduce you to read my stories.   My essesnce is neither here nor there,   Am real yet as imaginary as your ghosts.   I write dark romance, and fantasy stories. and things from you da More...



Join is into the delicious descent into madness.

I am an undercover agent for the government, a  Vampire huntress that is one of a kind.

Yes that's right, I hunt the things from your nightmares. 

I work for Ceili Corporation a secret location I cannot disclose to you, in the middle of a mountain in a secret location in America.

I was human once, much like you. 

However a freak accident during a violent, family related confrontation with political vampire dispute.
wipes out everyone in my family, and I am the only one left.

I am alone in this world. One of a kind. 

A Freak.

I am angry beyond belief at the world of darkness that was revealed to me...

Working to satisfy the hatred in my heart for vampire.  I am immersed in them months at a time to bust open cases.  But it does not quench my hunger.

Their blood does, their ending.

Only this case I am assigned is completely different throwing me out of my comfort zone,

I am given a partner for the first time.

His name is Fawkes.

But Fawkes happens to be the very essence I detest.

He is a thousand year old vampire with charming good looks and an obnoxiously high ego.

Paired up together we are to infiltrate the enemy ranks, the largest undercover operation yet, to rip open and destroy their plans for human domination..

The vampires want to start human blood bank. And we Have to stop them. 
The whole Vampire world is divided.

Peril, constant danger and becoming a woman is all rolled into one.

And I Cherry Black the Vampire Hunter might even start to fall for the enemy.

Yours with Love

Cherry Black.

Hello everyone. Thank you for choosing to read my book, Dark Cherries.  `Dark Cherries aims to take you on an emotional rollercoaster. Promising hatred, violence, anger, blood , lust, sex and passion.   ''Death is not a finality, it is a process.''                                          Quote unknown Author.. I am hoping to tickle your tastebuds as to a different sort of Vampire tale. One that has something more original than Just vampires and love.  Obviously these dark creatures of the night are old, have lots of personal baggage and a thing of limited patience. (Well most of them I invented.) So it's not the sort of love story for the young or feint of heart. It will make you cry, laugh and make you angry. To the point of shouting at the book. ''Why did you do that?'' I hope to fulfill the void in your eager, hungry little eyes as I whisk you into the darkness of the other world. Whilst we learn to not always take things for what we know, what we see. And what we feel Things can be changed in an instant, life is an instant, it is precious and fragile. But things are not always what they seem. This works is completed but being edited by me at present so bear with me on that. I will fix tweaks to the story, try and close plot holes, before the editing, and filling if areas to create a more polished look. I am a perfectionist and trust me. It will be done right. But this is the first book of three so some things may not make sense now. But when the book get's published it's all three in one, just three parts to it. But I decided to break it up a little to make it easier to digest. Some of it is quite heavy.  I bid you all Goodevening, and hope that the day finds you well. Thank you for choosing my book, it means a lot to me and I apreciate everything you add to it by comments, votes and a pm with a suggestion or two. It will only be here for a short time.   Yours truly. Violet Black, AKA The Dark Temptress.  

I really enjoy reading your stories ! It's exciting and hits me straight to my bones, nothing I have read before. Really glad I have found you. Lol  ^_^   Christy xx


Man this is so freaking awesome! Suspenseful, intense, visual and very descriptive! It's so good, I enjoy the writing and the imagination behind it.  Arelyod.xx


I really enjoyed this story it was fulfilling and I was nervous about reading a vampire novel, but no sparkling Vamps here, all power, sex, sensuality, blood and action! Can't wait for book two! 

Angelina B.


I am really liking this and I am not a big vampire reader, but so far so good! Keep it up!  



This is the best Vampire BOOK EVERRR. The best I have ever read, the chapters pulled me in.  



I have never loved a story as much as this, depth, vision and creativity. Well Done V. You did it.