The Chalice of Magdalene: The Search for the Cup That Held the Blood of Christ

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By Graham Phillips

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Graham Phillips

Graham Phillips
Graham Phillips is the author of The End of Eden, The Templars and the Ark of the Covenant, Atlantis and the Ten Plagues of Egypt, The Chalice of Magdalene, and The Moses Legacy. He lives in the Midlands of England.



Reveals the discovery of an artifact that many experts believe may be the Holy Grail

• Traces the journey of the Grail from the Holy Land to Rome and eventually to a ruined chapel in Shropshire, England

• Uncovers new evidence identifying the historical King Arthur and his connection to the Holy Grail

The popular Arthurian stories of the Middle Ages depict the Holy Grail as Christ’s cup from the Last Supper, which was believed to have been endowed with miraculous healing powers and the ability to give eternal life to whoever drank from it. A much earlier tradition, however, claimed the Grail was the vessel used by Mary Magdalene to collect Christ’s blood when he appeared to her after rising from the tomb. While many vessels were claimed to have been the true Grail, there was only one thought to have been the chalice used by Mary. From Jesus’ empty tomb, where it remained for almost 400 years, this holy relic known as the Marian Chalice was taken to Rome by the mother of the first Christian emperor, Constantine the Great. It was then smuggled from Rome in 410 A.D., according to the fifth-century historian Olympiodorus, to save it from the barbarians who sacked the city. Well into the Middle Ages legend persisted that it had been taken to safety in Britain, the last outpost of Roman civilization in Western Europe.

This journey to England, and what happened to the Chalice there, is the focus of this book. Graham Phillips’s research uncovers the secret legacy of an ancient noble family over generations and a trail of clues hidden in the English countryside that lead to a mysterious grotto, a forgotten attic, and the lost chalice. In tracing the relic, Phillips offers the inside story behind an astonishing adventure that results in the identification of the historical King Arthur and the location of one of the most powerful symbols in Western tradition.

“The Quest for the Grail is ended.”
Daily Mail

“Graham Phillips has now turned his investigative talents to the search for the Holy Grail. . . . for anyone fascinated by the intertwining of history and myth.”

"For those who love a good historical puzzle or mystery, this book provides thought-provoking reading."
Paula Scardamalia, ForeWord, 2004, Vol. 7 No. 3

"This work is extremely comprehensive and offers superb research into a wide range of fields ranging from Arthurian legend to Gnosticism, the Gospel of Thomas and Robin Hood!. . . will certainly provide light on the various continuum of history that makes up the Grail heritage. . . a great read and packed with fascinating discoveries."

Robert Burns, New Dawn, Nov-Dec 2004

". . . for those of us who can't get enough of King Arthur, here is a treasure trove. . . . This is a fascinating book."
Barbara Ardinger, Facing North, Jan 2007