Deadline 70 AD: Book 1 of the Deadline series

ABOUT Jim Lion

Jim Lion
Jim is a novelist, screenwriter, and student of history, married and living in West Hollywood.



The day John Salmon graduates from college, he thinks his turn has come to go out and conquer the world, but instead the world comes to conquer him. At the campus chapel, he encounters an attractive young woman named Jill. She warns him to walk away from a mysterious stranger who will soon arrive offering adventure and world travel. But why would he listen to her, a complete stranger herself? She exits in a hurry, frightened even, but leaves behind a curious device resembling a wristwatch.

John finds he can’t walk away from Cyrus, the mysterious stranger, and this decision casts him into the dark places of history, racing against that damnable clock.

The clock keeps ticking, counting down, running out...

"Deadline 70 AD Complete" mixes genres in a way sure to delight and amaze the discerning reader. It's about time travel, but not really about time travel. It's about history, but not really about history. It's about a small handful of people, the troubles that travel with them, and their impassioned attempts to overcome whatever the world throws at them.