ABOUT Shafi Ifty

Shafi Ifty
Shafi Ifti is a fresh young writer from Bangladesh whose writing takes readers young and old on a fantastic magical journey in another world beyond our imagination. He wrote his first novel in high school and loves reading fantasy/adventure books.


In a world with magic, Zaren Zarrius enjoys life as a prince, until his home is attacked. When everything he loves crumbles in front of his eyes, his weaknesses weighs deep in his heart. Even with his darkness magic he could do nothing. He is even inflicted with a deadly curse, one that makes him lose himself to murderous urges. Zaren searches for the power to cure himself, the power to fight, the power to exact revenge. Will he find it, as he journeys through dangerous lands, as he battles the darkness in his heart?  

The book combines science fiction and fantasy in a very unique way, creating a world that has not been seen before. The story introduces characters with dynamic personalities who are able to do virtually anything through their magic abilities.

 This first book  in the Zaren Zarrius series is for all ages from 10 to 100, and will make you hungry for the next one!