Dreams don't lie: Paranomal mystery thriller

ABOUT Anusuya M

Anusuya M
I am passionate about writing. The concept behind my book is dreams. What if all our dreams have some meaning? I have put forward my thoughts in the form of a thriller. Besides writing I love shopping and cooking whenever I get time.



Wasim works as a software engineer with Techies and lives with his family in Mumbai, India. He repeatedly gets a dream in which he sees a terrified lady with blood stained clothes, running with her baby in the arms. Wasim then sees the lady get stabbed repeatedly by someone who has been following her. Wasim however doesn’t read too much into all this. Life is perfect for Wasim except that he finds it boring and longs for adventure, mystery and a thrill in his life. Neha, his colleague and good friend in office, harbours romantic feelings for Wasim. 

Inadvertently, Wasim gets involved with a group which claims itself to be a modern day version of Robin Hood and gang. Wasim develops an interest in the group, and before long, he gets inducted into this group. Wasim is astounded to run into his father during one assignment and before he could gather his wits, he witnesses his father getting killed. 

Wasim feels devastated and angry and goes to meet Kranti, one of the leaders of the group to find out the suspense and reveal the truth behind his father's murder. Eventually, the group's head Vikram reveals shocking truth about Wasim's background. Wasim's real name is Shiv Dayanand and he is the heir to the business conglomerate 'The Kailash Group'. In addition Vikram accuses Wasim's adoptive father of killing his real parents. The sudden revelations stun Wasim/Shiv and he decides to travel to his birth place, Shanpur to solve the murder mystery.

His father's house is nothing less than a palace. Shiv's relatives, the other Dayanands welcome him warmly although harbouring doubts and suspicion about his lineage. Shiv is later shocked and confused to find out that the lady in his dream is his murdered mother Anjali. He strongly suspects his relatives’ involvement in his original parents' murder. Shiv's thoughts are conflicted as to if his mother is trying to convey something through the dreams or it is just his repressed memory. Throughout his stay in the Mahal he gets his mother's recurring dream.

During the stay in the Mahal, Shiv is cautioned and warned to leave the Mahal to avoid the same fate as his parents, but Shiv doesn’t budge. 

Accidentally, he comes across his father Aditya's personal and secret diary. Shiv is startled to find out from the diary that his father was a vigilante - and a serial killer. More shocking is the fact that his mother Anjali knew about his father's psychological condition and his love for murder and crime. Shiv investigates his father's serial murders hoping to find out the links between the serial murders and his parents death. In the process he unfolds the horrifying truth of his father's dark passion for committing gruesome murders.

Enter the dangerous and deadly underworld ruling Dodi brothers who had a hand in the murder of Shiv's parents and seek vengeance and want Shiv dead. 

With the help of Kranti, Shiv investigates his parents' murder. All the proof he gathers strongly point towards Shiv's relatives. As he gets closer to solving the suspense one by one people involved get murdered under mysterious circumstances and he hits a dead end. Also, Kranti gets attacked and grievously injured and it shatters Shiv. 

In a surprising turn of events Shiv meets Mr.Ramachandra who stuns Shiv by telling him that his mother Anjali was a special person and had precognitive powers and he himself has an ability of finding out the paranormal powers in people. Mr.Ramachandra hints Shiv that Shiv too has some special abilties.

Shiv gets his mother's recurring dream which leads him to the place where his parents' were murdered. Meanwhile, things get uglier and Neha gets kidnapped and Shiv rushes to save her.

Would his mother's dream and paranormal powers guide him? Was his father's thirst for killing responsible for the death of his parents'? Why did the ruthless Dodi brothers seek vengeance? Will he find out the black sheep among the Dayanands?? Will he realise his power as Mr.Ramachandra told him? Will he finally save Neha and confess his love for her? 

Will Shiv uncover the truth and take over his rightful place at the helm of 'The Kailash Group'?  

The story is about Shiv who tries to find out the hidden meaning behind a repetitive dream he gets about his mother. He tries to find out who had murdered his parents by following his dream. He also comes to know that he is the heir to a huge business conglomerate "The Kailash Group". What if all our dreams had some sort of meaning? I tried to explore this and come up with a story. Myself being an ardent fan of thriller decided to pen down my story in the form of a thriller. Hope you enjoy reading it.:)