ABOUT Frank Ignagni III

Frank Ignagni III
My name is Frank Ignagni. I live in Central California, just outside of Yosemite Valley.  I am married (17 years) and have 2 kids.  I started writing about two years ago, and have just self published my first book, entitled Riding The Apocalypse.  This book is available on Amazon.com in More...



Remy is trapped; his quick thinking in a moment of desperation has presumably sealed his fate. Remy's sudden imprisonment has facilitated a purging of his mind; the recounting of the Apocalyptic occurrence which led him to this probable end. Remy is a regular guy. He doesn't possess a proclivity for firearms, hand to hand combat, or the perfect decision making so many storied heroes display in times of danger. In short, he is not the ideal candidate to exact revenge on the forces behind this Apocalypse. With the help of his friends, a lost lover's memory, and his own ability to grow internally, Remy is giving it his best. On this journey of discovery, Remy willfully casts himself at the creatures propagated by this Apocalyptic madness, directly to the mastermind of this evil. Will his fortitude, allies, and love for a woman be enough? Will self actualization and an attempt to exact revenge become part of a bigger picture to facilitate a recovery of the human race? Or is it just, over?