I Love My Haunted School : The Origins

ABOUT Harshdip Singh Deogan

Harshdip Singh Deogan
I am Harshdip Singh, 14 from India. I've recently published a book 'I Love My Haunted School : The Origins' genre Juvenile/Fiction published by a well known publisher.  



A place forbidden to disclose lies the city of Darkwoods. Here lives Aiden Blackwood, a 14 year old boy and future engineer of the kingdom. A man of angry sincerity, his life has changed startlingly the day he turned fourteen. His parents are sending him to a boarding school, in Kingdom Hellshere that is situated far away. To make matters worse, his life’s procured invention is stolen and destroyed.

                   He soon claims the school as haunted, but it isn’t enough. He discovers himself as a great ruler of this kingdom who was killed by his own brother.

Ruler of the world, ‘Lord Krishna’ is back with all His might so that the triumph of good keeps ringing.

Aiden must come back with his entire rancor as revenge awaits him.

The epic war has made its ORIGINS.


Age has nothing to do with wisdom. Holds true for Harshdip Singh Deogan, who has penned his first book at the age of fourteen 

~ The Tribune



I can't believe such an epic novel is written by just 14 years old boy!!! The aroey is awesome!!
Guys support him by buying this novel.
Love you Harshdip!

~ Sajal Oberoi

I'm inspired from you! Great book!

~ Yashaank Sharma