Wolf Interval (Senyaza Series Book 3)

ABOUT Chrysoula Tzavelas

Chrysoula Tzavelas
Chrysoula Tzavelas went to twelve schools in twelve years while growing up as an Air Force brat, and she never met a library she didn’t like. She now lives near Seattle with some random adults, miscellaneous animals, and a handy small child. She likes combed wool, bread dough, and ga More...


Being the daughter of a supernatural monster makes it hard to have friends, especially when your father is determined to make you follow in his footsteps. It's especially tough at Halloween, when all good little monsters should be wreaking havoc, not trying to go unnoticed. But AT makes do with her magical dogs and the local ghosts. It’s almost a life…

...until the Wild Hunt shows up.

On this All Hallow's Day, they'll finally be released to pursue their ultimate ambition: hunting down every ghost in the mortal world. And that’s only the beginning.

The only way to stop them is to venture into the heart of a cursed city and steal the source of their power. That's hardly a problem for the daughter of a monster--until AT realizes she needs more than shadows and magic to get where she's going. She needs friends, too.

And that is terrifying.