The Diloggún: The Orishas, Proverbs, Sacrifices, and Prohibitions of Cuban Santería

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By Ócha'ni Lele

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Ócha'ni Lele

Ócha'ni Lele
Author of The Secrets of Afro-Cuban Divination, Ocha'ni Lele has been immersed in the underground culture of Orisha worship since 1989. By 1995 he had received several initiations in both Santeria and the Congo faith Palo Mayombe and in 2000 he made Ocha and was crowned a Santeria priest.  More...



The first book on Santería’s holiest divination system to thoroughly explore each family of odu and how their actions and reactions affect the spiritual development of the client.

• Includes the major considerations for sacrifice, providing the diviner with ways to placate and supplicate the Afro-Cuban deities known as orishas.

• Demonstrates how to properly end a reading so that negative vibrations are fully removed from the diviner's home.

• Provides a thoroughly detailed description of each of the 12 families of odu that exist in the diloggun--from Okana through Ejila Shebora.

The diloggun is more than a tool of divination. It is a powerful transformational process, and the forces that are set in motion when it is cast determine the future evolution of the adherent. The Diloggun is the first book to explore this Afro-Cuban oracle from the perspective of diaspora orisha worship. It is also the first book to explore the lore surrounding this mysterious oracle, which is the living Bible of one of the world's fastest growing faiths.

The twelve families of odu that are available to the diviner include 192 omo odu, the children of the odu, and each of these patterns or letters has its own proverbs, meanings, prohibitions, and sacrifices. Ocha'ni Lele provides the secret but essential information that the adept diviner needs to know to ensure that every element affecting a client's spiritual development is taken into consideration during a reading. His book is also the first to detail how to properly end a session so that negative vibrations are absorbed by the orishas and fully removed from the diviner's home. For those seeking the wisdom of ancient Africa, The Diloggun is an indispensable guide to the mysteries of the orishas.

"Stuart Meyers is to be congratulated and commended for producing this strikingly beautiful volume."
Edward Batchelor, Jr., Yale University, November 2003

"Every nook, cranny and crack of Santeria is covered, explained, demonstrated and laid out in clear, simple terms."Vision Magazine, April 2004

"The Diloggun is an indispensable guide to the mysteries of the orshas.", March 2004

“In this new book Ócha’ni Lele has brought together information never before published for the education of serious students of divination, and for use by initiated practitioners of African traditional religions, especially those who follow La Regla de Ocha. In doing so, he has more than justified his own claim that ‘one cannot overstate the academic and scholastic value’ of this work.”
Edward Batchelor, Jr., Fellow in Religion,Yale University

"The sheer amount of information contained within the covers of this book is astounding. I have never seen a book which explains this type of divination in anything like this amount of detail."
Mike Gleason,, April 2007

"The first important work to document the art of Diloggun reading thouroughly in English."
Eric Lerner, Oya N'Soro: Oya Speaks!, October 2003, Vol. 1 Edition 2