Volunteer for Africa: Essential Guide to Volunteering in Africa and Providing Aid for Voluntary Organizations When Travelling Abroad

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Stephen Knight
Stephen Knight is the author of Volunteer for Africa, an eco-friendly eBook that connects readers to meaningful and worthwhile volunteer opportunities whilst simultaneously generating funds for worthy causes. He works with non-profits and organizations to help them tap into an internationa More...




Do you want to volunteer abroad for free or at reasonable cost? Do you want to volunteer with animals or get involved in a community service project? Do you want to turn your next trip to Africa into something you’ll be proud of for the rest of your life? If so, you need a copy of Volunteer for Africa.

Often, the hardest part of planning an overseas volunteer experience is actually finding information on reputable voluntary organizations and charities that don’t charge astronomical fees. This eBook introduces prospective volunteers to some of the lowest cost and most trustworthy volunteer opportunities in Africa. It arms them with the knowledge they need to make a genuine difference without an exorbitant price tag attached.

The short and long term volunteer opportunities listed in this eBook are diverse and range from helping protect loggerhead sea turtles to working in a backpacker’s hostel. In addition to what you might expect of projects in Africa such as those that rescue lions or care for children, the eclectic nature of this eBook means you can also read about opportunities to teach yoga or choreograph dance productions.

Volunteer for Africa is unlike any other volunteer travel resource guide in that is has a dual function and comes with some neat extras. This includes immediate access to an online project database, enabling purchasers to get free updates and view new projects at no extra cost. Purchasers also have the satisfaction of knowing this eBook generates funds for worthy causes in Africa.

The dual functionality of this eBook means it can also be used to find voluntary organizations and charities needing equipment and resources in the area you plan to visit. Whether you are planning an extensive backpacking trip or just a short holiday break, you can make a real difference the next time you travel by using your journey to deliver urgently needed supplies to organizations and projects in Africa.

Volunteer for Africa is the essential guide to volunteering in Africa and providing aid (supplies) in a more hands-on way. In essence, a one-stop shop resource for volunteers and travellers interested in making a tangible difference to Africa’s animals, its people, and the environment.