Type and Cross

General Fiction

By Staci Troilo

Publisher : Foyle Press

ABOUT Staci Troilo

Staci Troilo


Blood defines family. Blood reveals betrayal.

Dr. Royce Keller is no stranger to blood. As Chief of Emergency Medicine at Oakland Regional Hospital, it’s his job, his calling. To Royce, it is the very essence of life—what ties his family, his career, and his world together. Until he learns everything he believes is wrong.

Vanessa Keller has a secret she has kept hidden for almost two decades. It’s her burden, her cross to bear. To Vanessa, the truth is a choice—something best forgotten for the greater good of her family and their future. Until the day it comes back to haunt her.

A tale of family dysfunction, betrayal, heroism, and loss, Type and Cross is the story of one family’s journey from devastation to redemption.

A long time ago, my husband had blood work done, the results of which puzzled us and his parents. Before we found out the lab sent him the wrong results, I began researching blood types and all things related to blood. Once we got over the shock and confusion of the test results, I was able to see the potential fodder for a great novel. While the final book in no way resembles my husband's story, the story unfolds as an exploration of this dysfunctional family and their dynamics.