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By Michael Braswell Michael Braswell

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Interview with Joab

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Michael Braswell Michael Braswell

Michael has published 20 books, including “Morality Stories” (with Joy Pollock and Scott Braswell) and “Justice, Crime and Ethics” (with Bernard and Belinda McCarthy). His writing has focused on peacemaking and justice issues as well as the spiritual journey. More...



How would you feel if you were Esau and your brother, Jacob, had stolen your birthright? What impact would Jesus’ intervention have on the rest of your life, if you were the adulteress he rescued from the mob that was ready to stone you? If Peter and Judas accidentally met on the night before the resurrection of Christ, what would they say to each other?


In Interview with Joab, 15 “what-if” scripturally based stories offer the reader an opportunity to reflect on and discuss well-known Bible stories in a fresh, thought-provoking way. The brief commentaries and questions that follow each story are designed for personal and small group study. They focus on how the timeless truths and lessons have relevance for contemporary persons and families.
“…Michael Braswell…takes you back to biblical times and enables us to picture the persons and events that have defined the faith commitments of those in the Judeo-Christian tradition. His writings are not only inspired, but they are also inspiring for the reader”
-Tony Campolo, Evangelist, Pastor and author of “Red Letter Christians” and numerous other books.

“… ‘Interview with Joab’ gives you a ‘first read’ kind of experience. Braswell acts like a tour guide taking you to story overlooks and side streets not usually seen or explored. You discover something you’ve not noticed about these biblical stories, but more important is what you discover about yourself."
-John Michael Helms, Pastor and author of “Hoping Liberia” and “Finding Your Way.”

“One of the most miraculous aspects of the Bible is the opportunity it provides for …insights and perspectives on the people in it…Braswell effectively infuses his gifts of storytelling and teaching with sound Biblical knowledge to produce a book that will be useful to Bible teachers and students alike.”
-Mark Jones, Professor and author of “Criminals of the Bible.”

“In this unusual and imaginative book, Michael Braswell has gone straight to the well, not so much to tell the old stories of Scripture, but to re-tell them in the language of our time.”
-Robert J. Higgs, Professor Emeritus and author of “God in the Stadium” and coauthor of “Unholy Alliance: The Sacred and Modern Sports