Lord, Teach Us to Love

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By Lester Elliott Lester Elliott

Publisher : Ellechor Media, LLC

Lord, Teach Us to Love

ABOUT Lester Elliott Lester Elliott

Lester Elliott Lester Elliott

Lester Elliott is the senior pastor of the Lauderhill Seventh-day Adventist Church. He has been in ministry for over 37 years, including 5 years as a hospital chaplain. Lester holds a Master of Divinity degree and training in Chaplaincy. He has pastored in England, Trinidad and Toba More...



Love has the power to transform an entire society, one person at a time. Yet it is often misunderstood. Love is not natural—its origin is divine. Those who are connected to God have the ability to achieve the full potential of True Love.

Where there is an absence of genuine love, life becomes a tragedy. When there is a short supply of sincere love, laws created without love result in evil and violence.

Jesus is the world’s best example of love. We can learn what true and genuine love is from His life and teachings. He came to reveal God, His Father, as One who loves. In fact, the best description of God found in the Bible is:

God is love.