An End to Ageing?: Remedies for Life Extension

Excerpts & Samples

By Stephen Fulder

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Stephen Fulder

Stephen Fulder
Stephen Fulder, Ph.D., studied biochemistry and chemical pharmacology at Oxford University. His numerous books include An End to Ageing? and The Book of Ginseng. He is currently working to establish a medicinal plants industry in Israel.



Advanced scientific research coupled with the study of many long-lived people of the East has shown that the effects of ageing can be modified so that most of us could arrive at old age skipping rather than crawling. Dr. Fulder’s approach to longevity seeks to increase the body’s ability to deal with life’s stress while maintaining its dynamic vitality. From a wealth of specific anti-ageing practices gathered from around the world, Dr. Fulder builds a life extension program for all ages that is best begun right now. His practical knowledge of the effects on the body of plants, foods, drugs, vitamins, body chemistry, behavior, and more, make this the definitive text on life-extension practices.