Glittering Shadows

Young Adult, Romance, Poetry

By Manish Ranjan

Publisher : Cyberwit

ABOUT Manish Ranjan

Manish Ranjan
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“Far beyond this realm, there is a place, where there is a valley of roses, a river of peace, a mountain of serenity, an ocean of hope, and air, echoing my words of perpetual love - a world of my dreams, where it is just you and me; a world where the days are bright with positivity, and nights are filled with festivity; a world where even pain has love; a world where shadows glitter.” 

Glittering Shadows, is not just a book. It is the beat of a heart - a heart full of endless and ageless love. It is a book that celebrates love, values little things of life and nurtures our soul. It is a book of word art where imagination and love get married in bliss. The poems in this book will take you on a virtual tour to the world of the author, where he weaves with his words, the different facets and shades of love.

“Words have power” – they say, and a poet has his words as a weapon; a weapon to fight against injustice. Glittering Shadows has the voice of protest against the misogynist attitude of our society and the nature of injustice we do to our women, who is a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter. In some of the poems, the author has given a poetic expression on womanhood and a voice of protest against the atrocities on our women.

This book is for everybody who is in love or was once. One can easily relate oneself with the poems in the book and its words would definitely touch your heart.

The poems in this book were written in a span of 50 days with one poem a day, rather night. After hard work at office, I had filled my heart with love thinking about my special someone. It is a gift to her and it can be a gift to anyone who is or has ever fallen in love.

Karunesh AgrawalThe fruitful and varied poems in the poetry collection are full of visionary power and musical flow of style. We are quite impressed by remarkably sweet lyrical moments in these poems. We find sonorous echo of the poet’s own soul in this poetry collection. There is undoubtedly a very impressive lucidity of style in these poems.