Streaking For Mother

ABOUT Mark Shearman

Mark Shearman
Hi! My name is Mark Shearman -- ShearArt -- I've been a freelance graphic designer for the last ten-years and an artist for over twenty-years and I have been designing book covers for the last-five years.

I'm originally from Nottingham England, but I've subsequently lived in  More...


How far would you go to help the people you love?

A cynical, famous underwear model, and infamous international rugby player, despondent and guilt-ridden because of a terrible mistake, finds redemption from helping the ones who ruined his chances of a world record.

After moving in with this bunch of deeply disturbed and dysfunctional guerrilla marketeers, he discovers his life is being controlled by his estranged mother from beyond the grave. His mother is also the patron of a large pawnbroker and the guerrilla marketeers' matriarch who are unaware she has died and believe her absence is temporary. It soon becomes apparent to Ashley he was meant to help them move on with their lives and come to terms with her untimely death.

Ashley has made enemies too. He is viciously attacked, sent threatening messages, and attempts are made to destroy him in the media - both professionally and personally. With his new housmates by his side, they must discover and deal with his pursuer - streaker style.