ABOUT Diane Hall

Diane Hall
Diane Hall is a novelist and Angel intuitive who channels her spiritual gifts and passions into writing imaginative fiction, poetry, essays and articles about love, life, spiritual evolution, and the challenges of communication between worlds... She is inspired by her Guides and the Angeli More...


Inspirations for Awakening Angels.

A beautiful collection of inspired articles, blog-posts, poems and uplifting quotes from novelist, intuitive and channel, Diane Hall, and her Guide Peter Elohim. Packed with entertaining essays and articles, inspired through mediumship, as Diane and Peter work together to shed light on the challenges of our shifting times, from both a human and a fifth dimensional perspective.

The second part contains messages channelled directly from Peter Elohim, who offers visionary views of life beyond 2012. A comprehensive guide to shining your light while shift happens...