God Consciousness: A 30 Day Journey to Achieve God-centered Thinking

Health, Mind & Body

By Rev. Michael Carter

Publisher : Grave Distractions Publications

ABOUT Rev. Michael Carter

Rev. Michael Carter
Rev. Michael J. Carter is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. He moved to New York City in 1980 and lived there for 25 years, working as a professional actor before moving to Asheville with his family. Michael is an ordained Interfaith minister and received his BA Degree in Letters from t More...



In a departure from his previous books, best-selling author Reverend Michael Carter shares a month long course designed to reestablish your connection with your higher power—no matter what your conception of the divine. God Consciousness: A 30 Day Journey to God-centered Thinking reminds us that nothing separates us from God. It is only the habit of identifying ourselves with mental, emotional, and physical states and objective phenomena that causes and sustains the illusion of independent existence. At the core of our being, all knowledge of the infinite energy of Consciousness, sometime times referred to as God, and its processes resides within us. The daily lessons in God Consciousness: A 30 Day Journey to God-centered Thinking will clarify your awareness. Apply the recommended practices to unveil and bring forth your own essence, your own spiritual and innate knowledge. You can do this! Returning to his metaphysical spiritual roots, Rev. Carter is drawing from his own personal experience, and the wisdom he has gleaned from the ageless teachings of A Course In Miracles, Unity Christianity, Religious Science, and Eastern Religious Traditions to compile a spiritual tool kit for the lay person. Encouraging all true spiritual seekers to look within, this 30 day calendar seeks to empower the individual to really embody the teaching that the Kingdom and Queendom of “God” exists within each and everyone of us, and that this realization is the key to the deep inner transformation we are all seeking, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, political party, or any of the other illusions and delusions this world has to offer. As the old African proverb states, “ If there is no enemy within, the enemy without can do us no harm.”