Loyal To The Hustle

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Jamel Brown

Publisher : Racquel Williams Presents

ABOUT Jamel Brown

Jamel Brown
Peace I am writer Lyrics Brown, I write any and everything vwith words. Original concepts, metaphorical flows, raw emotion.



Being a third generation Mack, Gully knew that he would always have big shoes to fill. The family business was the hustle by any means - drug running, gun running, and the murder business. Having a family of his own now, Gully finds his feelings starting to change, especially after losing friends and family in the process of keeping the hustle going. But who is he fooling? The family business is, and will always be, the hustle - the fast life, big money, and high rewards. Whether it is dope money or murder money, the Macks were in it for life. Journey with Gully as he goes back and forth between the angel and devil on his shoulders as the ills of life keep him stuck in the way of the hustle.

Loyal To The Hustle is about a young man named Gully Mack. He is caught up in the whole hustle mentality trying to balance that with his love for a young lady named Rainah. His loyalty gets tested time and time again as he deals with the angel and devil on his shoulders. Lies, murder, money, and love take place in this fast paced page turner.